driving course

The joystickbike federation has its own park in Granges, Valais, Switzerland, at the place of the inventor.

There you will experience and first ride some joystickbike that we have given to the federation for from the 14 to the 18 of April 2017

If you are interested to this courses please e-mail us at info@joystickbikelab.com

Regarding the responsability of riding your  joystickbike we decline all responsabilities as we are only selling parts.

The buyer will take the responsability of finishing the product and assembling it.

It is not easy to begin to ride a joystickbike, therefore we definitely  encourage all the future joystickbikers to first learn to ride it in a quiet place. 

We can deliver our product with a 2 wheels helper that should impeach any damage for the first trials. This helper could be remove once you have it right in the hand. Tell us if you want it !

Good luck !